TINM fans can now become patrons via Patreon!

Welcome to our new site!  We have a really exciting couple of months' worth of new recordings, Northwest gigs, and tour plans to share with you coming up, but we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our Patreon page.

Have you ever thought of yourself as the benefactor type, even if you don't have money growing out of your ears?  We've just launched a campaign at Patreon.com that allows fans to pledge as little as $1 per month to us to help keep us booking tours, recording new music, shooting a lot more live video with the help of some talented videographer friends, and creating visual art to share with you.  In return, you get our undying thanks and early access to all of the content we create (which includes multiple EPs coming out this winter and spring, for starters).  And if you're able to pledge more than $1/month, we've devised a bunch of perks as incentives (think high-quality covers requested by and recorded just for you, hand-made t-shirts, even a private house concert).  It's basically like an ongoing Kickstarter campaign that allows people who like what we do to support us with small (or large!) amounts from month to month, and in turn we're going to release things more often that you would normally have to wait months or years to get on an album.

If you're interested in checking out the Patreon page, we're already very grateful.  Head on over to patreon.com/thereisnomountain and see what you think.  If you pledge even $1 now, you'll get early access to the first new EP (Sea of Storms) on March 1st, three days before everyone else.

Thanks for your support, and stay tuned for lots of new music and content in the coming months.  We've never been as proud of a batch of recorded songs as we are of these ones.

-Kali and Matt